Hybrid Trade Show

Rethought and Done Right

The trend of offering a digital trade show booth alongside a ‘real’ booth continues. However, many digital implementations fall short in terms of live interaction and engaging presentations – especially when it comes to the main purpose: lively customer engagement and enthusiasm for products and services.

Hybride Messe

We took exactly these deficits as our task and implemented our own hybrid trade show solution with the following features:

Lively and interactive presentations with a digital presenter enhance the digital trade show experience.

Fast implementation and easy integration.

Cost-effective execution that presents each trade show appearance individually.

Direct live communication with your visitors with an optional pre-qualification center.

Seamless “brokering” of visitors to the appropriate experts.

Bidirectional communication for customers and experts directly at the digital trade show booth (video/audio/text chat).

High-quality presentation of content during expert calls.

Lead generation during expert calls.

Country-specific implementations are easily achievable.

Browser-based and mobile-friendly solution.

Hybride Messe, Stand 1
Hybride Messe, Stand 2 mit Live-Expert


The 3D WebGL-based implementation has its display limitations and often delivers unsatisfactory results, especially on mobile devices, particularly in terms of usability.

All modules of our Hybrid Trade Show application are easily integrable into customer websites, and on-premise installations are also possible.

We offer an optional dashboard with extensive and highly accurate tracking functionality integrated.

No, you can also use the trade show booth as a purely digital booth/showroom on your website.

Yes! Moreover, many other scenarios can be implemented.

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