Digital Presenter Service

The Digital Presenter allows for a large number of usage scenarios. It can be as a greeting on the homepage or as a part of a complex digital presentation.

A Digital Presenter enables a lively and interesting implementation, especially when a lot of information must be shared without lengthy texts.

Digital Presenter on Screen
Digital Presenter on Mobile
  • The Digital Presenter can be seamlessly integrated into existing websites and thus enables extraordinary and attention-grabbing designs.
  • The use of real people supports building trust and transparency.
  • The digital presenter is notably easier to integrate than just video files, especially on mobile devices, thanks to its adaptive design (responsive).

Our Service

We record your speakers in a professional green screen studio for you. After cutting out the background, we convert your video files into the necessary formats. With our programming, we add the control elements and subtitles in the desired languages and ensure the adaptive behavior on your webpage.

We deliver the finished files to your responsible website supervisors, who can then easily equip your website with Digital Presenters.

To minimize travel costs and unnecessary expenditure of time, we work together with the appropriate partner companies focused on video recording.

In addition, we are happy to provide the necessary templates and specifications for the trades involved: video and web.

Digital Presenter Ex. 1
Digital Presenter Ex. 2


The Digital Presenter runs on all major browsers and end devices.

Yes, please get in direct contact with us about this.

Yes, of course,
but there are a few things to consider to achieve a good key and the desired positioning on the website.

There is no limit to this.
To ensure the highest quality, we need the original files from the camera. If these cannot be sent online, there is also the option of sending a data disk by post.

We have compiled a precise list of the possible formats for you in a separate document.

Technically speaking, the presenter can talk for hours at a time, nonetheless, we recommend a maximum length of around 2-3 minutes.

Do you have any questions?

We would be happy to assist you with more information in a personal consultation.