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In the recruiting process, the website of a company plays a crucial role. Whether it is a job portal or social media presence: in the end, your potential applicants always end up on your company website. Through our HR Experience Hub, we convey your company philosophy in the best way possible on the web to attract the best talents that will enrich your corporate culture.

Convincing Recruiting requires convincing Presentations

Digital HR-Hub

Active and lively Presentation

Ditch lengthy text blocks and opt for a personal presentation instead. This approach lends authenticity to your talent acquisition efforts and effectively conveys your vision to potential candidates in a pleasant manner.

Interactivity & Multilingualism

Be it experienced professionals or future apprentices: we make sure your viewers can quickly and intuitively decide what content is relevant to them. With download material and tailor-made presentations for each job offer. To create a positive application experience, we present individual professional groups in an attractive and understandable way without a long search on the website.

Surveys & Analytics

Continuous optimization of your recruiting strategy is crucial. Targeted surveys during your presentation offer you valuable insights into the mindset of your applicants and what motivates them.

Responsive Web Design

Always up to date, first-class talents are always on the move. With our responsive web design, your mobile recruiting will also become an impressive experience.

Optional: HR Live Experts Feature

We facilitate interactions even before a potential interview. Through the provided buttons, potential candidates can contact you, and vice versa, you can proactively reach out to interested individuals. This way, questions can be answered beforehand.

Our Features:

  • Exchange via video calls, audio calls, and text chat
  • Scheduling of video calls
  • Integrated screen, document, and video sharing feature with a playlist option to present company presentations in premium quality
  • Notification function: when your HR Experience Hub is visited, you’ll be informed via email, allowing you to join conversations flexibly and conveniently.


Interested individuals have the option to visit the HR Experience Hub conveniently through your website or digital trade show portal. There, they’ll find various options to connect directly with your HR experts, download useful information, and learn more about your company culture and open positions through the HR expert’s presentation.

Yes, our HR Experience Hub is designed to be responsive and accessible on all mobile devices. Applicants can easily use the hub from their smartphones or tablets.

Your HR expert’s presentation can be supplemented with subtitles, PowerPoint presentations, or video material in the viewer’s preferred language. Accordingly, we also integrate multilingual presentations by your experts.

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