Analyst / Press Call Service

Analyst / Press Call Service
Analyst / Press Call Service

Our Analyst Call and Press Call Service is built on the combination of an experienced team and our proprietary software interface. It allows you to target your messages specifically to investors, analysts, journalists, and other stakeholders to increase visibility and strengthen stakeholder trust.

We also offer optional in-house AV technology and highly experienced experts to ensure a high-quality and stable execution for our clients.

Our Analyst / Press Call Service

Our project team provides the necessary dial-in information and documents in advance. On the day of the event, our experienced call managers are available to identify participants on your behalf. Upon request, we can also send a technical team to operate the necessary equipment on-site.

We take pride in our technical flexibility, whether you need a simple conference call or a multilingual earnings confernce webcast in addition.

Participant access is available through telephone and/or web call and/or webcam with a headset. Our own ONE Portal provides you with all options, including a control interface, for easy sorting and enabling individual speeches, comments, or participant questions.

Stability and security are our top priorities, addressed through comprehensive fallback techniques.

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We would be happy to tell you about our customers from the DAX sector and explain our system in a personal demonstration.