Software Development

Software Development

In software development, we focus on individuality, functionality, and innovation. We have already proved this in logistics, production, and quality management. Contact us, and we will be happy to guide you.


To optimize the globally active processes of a logistics center, we comprehensively modernized the work processes in warehouses. Thanks to a user-friendly software solution, all loading and unloading processes, procedures, and progress are now recorded as a status display on a dynamic display board that can immediately display unscheduled changes.

Not only does this save a lot of time, but it also guarantees efficient, smooth processes and sustainably reduces operating costs. Our customers can currently handle about 80 vehicles a day.

Software development in the logistics area for the visualization and optimization of loading processes
Software development and interactive presentation to stimulate employees for in-house and third-party products


Our individual software solutions lead to optimal networking and guarantee smooth production, which can be used for manual and automatic production and packaging lines. In the manual lines, the management software controls all production processes, creates quality checks, and keeps records.

In the case of automatic lines, the production data and all relevant background processes are recorded by management software. At the same time, the speed of the production machines is determined, and the utilized materials are read.

Quality Management

Our developed “Quality-Tool” is not product-specific and can be used in various areas. Although we suggest the processes for a better overview, you are more than welcome to bring personal wishes. Thanks to our tools, the processes are clear and can be automated according to your necessities.

The “Quality-Tool” communicates easily with all employees involved, provides regular questionnaires for quality assurance, and creates reports for overview and clarity. Any possible problems or errors are immediately recognizable and can be rectified.

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