MS Teams Live Event Service

MS Teams live events are used in many companies for internal as well as external webcasts – especially when there is little budget for implementation. Unfortunately, the possibilities for image and process design are limited.

In particular, because MS Teams Live Events only allow one speaker “on stage” including screen sharing of a presentation, they only offer the “producer” few options for realizing interesting and varied webcasts.

Various control options give the presenter full control over his presentation.

In addition, the forwarding of presentation slides with several speakers is usually only possible verbally via “Next slide, please.”. If you also want video clips, you quickly reach the limits of what is possible with on-board resources.

This is exactly where our MS Teams Live Event Service comes in and helps you to implement your webcasts.

Our Service

  • Our project team will discuss the process with you in advance.
  • Our experienced operators control all connections and video feeds for you.
  • Our software and our studio equipment allow high-quality and flexible image design with up to 10 speakers at the same time, of course with lower thirds.
  • Panel discussions, speaker handovers, or joint presentations can therefore also be presented in a high-quality manner as part of MS Teams Live Event.
  • Our MS Teams plugin enables convenient control of the presentation slides for the remote speakers and also includes a useful speaker timer.

The result:

High-quality results on the MS Teams Live Event platform, without violating the strict requirements of your IT department or overburdening the speakers with new software tools. Your viewers participate in the webcast just as before.

The process

  1. Your speakers will be integrated into a webcast by us via MS Teams without the viewer being able to see it. For the speaker, this means an uncomplicated and familiar dial-in process and no new software installation.
  2. The speakers can follow the entire program in the MS Teams interface and also see their presentation slides. The speaker is switched into the program by our director as soon as it is his turn. The speaker does not have to become active himself.
  3. The slides can be clicked independently by the speakers via our MS Teams plugin “ONE” as soon as control is handed over from the control room. The plugin also contains a timer that can be used independently by the speakers.
  4. In order for the speaker to become familiar with the ONE plugin, we offer a short technical briefing in advance, in which the procedure is explained and the hardware is checked.
  5. To send the finished video signal to your MS Teams Live event, we need the RTMP addresses from you.
The numerous layout options leave nothing to be desired.


Your company MS Teams Live Event Account will be used.

You send us the RTMP addresses (Real-Time Messaging Protocol). These can be easily called up when creating an MS Teams Live Event.

No, of course there is an option, but we conduct most of the webcasts remotely.
Here we also easily serve customers abroad.

In advance, we test the technical setup and the internet connection with the speakers. In addition, we are happy to familiarize the speakers with our MS Teams plugin and show them how to control the presentation slides and the timer.

Since the speakers are familiar with MS teams, experience has shown that the technical check does not take longer than 10 – 20 minutes.

Depending on the duration of the webcast, the costs range from approx. €1,500.00 (net) to approx. €2,500.00 (net).

Yes, of course. With ONE, we have one of the most powerful webcast solutions available.
Feel free to contact us.

Do you have any questions?

We would be happy to assist you with more information in a personal consultation.