Hybrid Event Service

Hybrid events pose a unique technical challenge. For us, a hybrid event is considered a hybrid event when the digital user group can seamlessly participate in a real on-site event and/or remote speakers need to be integrated.

Hybrid Event Service

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Many event departments face the challenge of wanting to conduct hybrid events after the pandemic. During the pandemic, it was possible to use event budgets entirely for digital events – now, as an organizer, one faces the challenge of realizing the on-site event with access for the digital audience using the same budget.

Unfortunately, the quality and thus the long-term acceptance of the digital implementation drops significantly, as often only a one-way live broadcast is offered, which, due to a lack of interactivity, is also gladly replaced by a simple video recording.

The great potential of hybrid events, especially in terms of cost savings, but also sustainability, is hardly being used. In addition, the quality of information transmission is lost if the needs of the digital audience are not addressed.

The requirements for hybrid event implementation are as follows:
Hybrid events must be attractive and interactive for the digital audience. The hybrid event technology must be reduced to a minimum on-site and seamlessly integrated into the workflow of various event service providers, and the hybrid implementation must be cost-effective.

You can hold your event on site as usual with your service providers, while our Hybrid Event Service allows you to reach your digital audience.

This is what sets our Hybrid Event Service apart

  • We work entirely remotely, eliminating the need for overnight stays and lengthy setup times.
  • Our implementation concept requires a maximum of three laptops at the event location.
  • Our software solution provides diverse interaction opportunities for both user groups.
  • Our optional event portal is GDPR-compliant.
  • Our organization and execution team is made up of professionals who have already supervised hundreds of webcasts and hybrid conferences — even long before the pandemic.

What prerequisites must be met?

  • At least one video camera on-site
  • Space for two to three laptops in the control room (one laptop is the PowerPoint computer, which is usually required anyway)
  • All laptops need an internet connection, 1 x USB SDI Interface (can also be provided by us)
  • A sound system that allows for an n-1 (mix-minus) audio switch (absolute standard)


We use various options for this. Even a simple video conference meeting is sufficient. A direct integration into the on-site intercom system is also possible.

No, since we are not a pure software company but also use our software in various event scenarios, we speak the same language.

The option is available, of course, but we carry out most hybrid events entirely remotely. We also easily serve customers abroad.
Here we also easily serve customers abroad.

Yes, this is one of the many strengths of our system.

Depending on the duration of the event and the size of the digital participant group, costs range from about €2,500 (net) to €5,000 (net) per event day.

We can accommodate up to 5,000 online participants at short notice. Larger numbers of participants are possible with a small lead time.

We are very flexible in this regard.
Depending on the desired level of interaction for online participants, we use various options or also adopt client specifications.

Yes, of course!
With ONE, we have one of the most powerful webcast solutions available. Our system, for example, offers its own survey tool that can be used both online and on-site. Feel free to contact us.

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