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We support you in designing your “advertising in motion”.

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Your Benefits from Fahrgast TV

Fahrgast TV is a modern and digital out-of-home medium with which you can broadcast your advertising with an enormous reach every day. By using Fahrgast TV, you can address previously untapped target audiences on buses, trams, and subways from local public transport and benefit from the flexibility.

We not only act as technical outfitters but also as an operator and marketers. As a long-standing provider of Center and Fahrgast TV, we enable you to reach more than 770,000 passenger and visitors in the cities of Ansbach, Bayreuth, Nuremberg, Ulm, and Neu-Ulm every day.

Altersgruppen im Fahrgast TV

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Your Advantages with Fahrgast TV

Flexible Booking Periods

You have the option of broadcasting your spot for 1 to 12 months in our program or splitting it up over several periods at no additional cost.

No Minimum Contract Period

Your contract expires on the agreed end date.

Short-Term Circuits

You can book or change your spot in our Fahrgast TV program anytime.

No Editorial Deadline

With our Spotlight Manager, you can create and upload spots at any time of the day and manage them in our program loop.

High Efficiency

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”
Moving images appeal to the viewer’s intellect and emotions.

Fahrgast TV Innenansicht in Fürth

There are many reasons why we can expect rising passenger numbers in the future:
In addition to the further expansion of public transport, high volume of traffic jams, rising gas prices and increased environmental awareness are reasons for commuters to switch to buses and trains.