Fahrgast TV Ansbach

Fahrgast TV in Ansbach

The Setting

With 42,000 inhabitants, Ansbach is not only the center of the district but also the seat of the government of middle Franconia. The “City of Franconian Rococo” is also a popular tourist destination due to its numerous events and sights. As a university town, Ansbach also significantly contributes to the range of educational opportunities.

For this reason, numerous daily commuters, students, and pupils, as well as visitors, use the Ansbach bus network. The Ansbacher Bäder and Verkehrs GmbH transport around 1.5 million passengers annually on its lines.

Take advantage of this potential! Place your advertising on the monitors on the buses in Ansbach.

Orangery in the Margrave's Court Garden in Ansbach

Key Data

Quantity of buses: 13
Quantity of screens: 26
Transmission time: 12 hours daily

Placement of the screens in the buses (each 2 x 21.5" widescreens)

Contact Quantity

125,000 passengers per month
Annual total from Ansbacher und Verkehrs GmbH: 1.5 million passengers

Line Network

Network map for the Ansbach bus lines,
Status 12/2022
Source: Ansbacher Bäder and Verkehrs GmbH

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